Become independent in the design and manufacture
of your orthodontic aligners

Our core business: the production of in-office aligner

OrthoiN3D develops innovative technologies and processes enabling orthodontists to internalize the design and production of aligners within their practice.

We help you to become independent and autonomous in the management and manufacture of aligners.

Advantages of in-office production of aligners :

  • Improve treatment efficiency and speed
  • Smooth out production costs by manufacturing aligners as you go along
  • Highlight your expertise and increase patient satisfaction
  • Implement a CSR approach within your practice

With OrthoiN3D, become a manufacturer of orthodontic aligners and create a brand that reflects the image of your practice.

Avantages pour

  1. Moins d’urgences

  2. Moins d’actes chronophages et éprouvant

  3. Répondre à la demande de vos patients

  4. Meilleur hygiène en bouche

  5. Rendez-vous plus courts

  6. Activation plus fréquente et plus douce

  7. Liberté clinique. Choisissez la chronologie de vos mouvements

  1. Production image


    Most intraoral cameras are precise enough to take reliable digital impressions to produce 3D models. You no longer need to buy expensive cameras to get started in in-office production. ORTHOiN3D supports you in choosing the right camera for your activity.

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    The Set-up is where the value of our orthodontic know-how shows and which allows us full therapeutic freedom. Learning to master Setup software isn’t as complex as you might think. By mastering it, designing treatment plans will be a pleasure again.

    iNPLAN works with all set-up software using STL files.

    ORTHOiN3D supports you in choosing the Set-up software most suited to your activity.

  3. Production image

    3D Printing

    3D printing of models is the critical phase in obtaining a properly adjusted aligner. The technological advances of the last 10 years have allowed the development of 3D printers with resolutions and printing speed fully compatible with the required quality criteria. Thanks to iNPLAN, you can perfectly organize the production and monitoring of your 3D models.

    ORTHOiN3D supports you in choosing the right 3D printers for your business.

  4. Production image


    Today there are thermoforming materials for aligners of a quality similar to the main player in the market (eg tri-layer materials with optimal mechanical properties). Likewise, current thermoformers (especially those operating under pressure) allow for perfectly adjusted aligners.

    ORTHOiN3D supports you in the choice of thermoforming machines adapted to your activity.

  5. Production image


    Thanks to the iNLASE milling machine, cutting your aligners has never been so simple, fast and precise. No more manual, long and imprecise cutting. Your aligners are cut with industrial quality, by laser, in record time. iNPLAN allows quick and easy positioning of models on the mill.

  6. Production image


    With iNPLAN, you can organize and track the production of your aligners, print identification labels and provide your patients with aligners that reflect your pratice’s branding. ORTHOiN3D can provide you with personalized packaging bags, with your logo, as well as marketing tools you can use with your patients.

Who we are ?

OrthoiN3D is a medical technology company that develops innovative solutions for orthodontists to gain their independence in the production of orthodontic aligners.

Founded by orthodontists, OrthoiN3d understands the needs of the profession.
ORTHOiN3D supports you in setting up a design and manufacturing process for iNOFFICE aligners, optimized for your practice and your team.

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R&D is at core of our DNA:

Founded by orthodontic professionals, our company promotes the idea that the know-how of orthodontists must be at the heart of the design of digital treatment plans and the production of aligners.

Our DNA is to offer you the best technologies to design and produce your own aligners.

To do this, OrthoiN3D invests in R&D and develops innovative software and hardware solutions for the in-office production of orthodontic aligners.

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    • Comment dois-je classer la taille, le poids, la vitesse d’acquisition et le prix dans ma décision ?

      Comment dois-je classer la taille, le poids, la vitesse d’acquisition et le prix dans ma décision ?

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  • Comment dois-je classer la taille, le poids, la vitesse d’acquisition et le prix dans ma décision ?

    Comment dois-je classer la taille, le poids, la vitesse d’acquisition et le prix dans ma décision ?

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OrthoiN3D specializes in the support of orthodontists in their strategy of setting up a design and production process of orthodontic aligners in-office.

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