The first SaaS software designed to optimize the management of your production of in-Office aligners

iNPLAN was designed to OPTIMIZE and FACILITATE your production chain. It is the nerve center for the smooth production of your in-office aligners.

iNPLAN is 100% online SaaS software, all updates are automatic

iNPLAN includes many revolutionary features for aligner production within your practice

  1. Management of your patients treated by in-Office aligners
  1. iNLASE management

Creation of the virtual cutting line of the aligner

Preparation of 3D models to print

Control OF iNLASE

Process for using iNPLAN and iNLASE

for production of your aligners

Plan iNLase
  1. Acquisition

    Acquisition with all optical intraoral cameras on the market


    Creation of your digital setup using your chosen software


    Import standard STL files from setup software into iNPLAN

  2. Basic creation

    Preparation of STL models including individualized positioning base used by iNLASE

  3. Printing

    3D printing of your
    models with your printer

  4. Thermoforming

    Thermoforming of aligners with 3D printed models including the positioning base of iNLASE. Possibility of thermoforming 2 models at the same time

  5. iNLASE cutting

    Cutting of aligners by the iNLASE laser

    • Semi-automatic and individualizable cutting line
    • 6 to 12 aligners per plate
    • No need attach models with screws: friction retention on repositioning pins
    • 15 seconds per aligner
    • No post-processing: perfectly smooth edges of the aligner thanks to thermal effect of the laser
  6. Identification

    Printing of traceability labels. Name, first name, N ° aligners… (coming soon)

  7. Packaging

    Packaging in sealed bags

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