In-Office questions

If you plan to produce aligners in your practice, clicking on each category will show you the questions you need to answer to choose the right setup and process.
  • How do should I rank size, weight, speed and price in the decision ?

  • Are there software costs and/or hidden upgrade costs ?

  • How important is acquisition software and how can it differ from others?

  • Are there any hidden software and / or upgrade costs?

  • What resolution do I need?

  • Should I worry about file export compatibility ?

  • What difference does having different tip sizes ?

  • What is good sterilisation practice and how long do tips last ?

  • Which software simplifies treatment planning ?

  • How do I import scans?

  • Which software is best at segmenting teeth ?

  • How do scan capture and treatment planning software work together ?

  • How does the treatment plan get sent to the 3D printer ?

  • Can I export 3D STL models to use with my chosen 3d printer ?

  • What cases can I handle on my own ?

  • Can software automate parts of design process ?

  • How do I import the bite information and ensure my treatment plan results in a correct bite ?

  • Can I adjust the treatment planning during treatment ?

  • How do scan capture and treatment planning software work together ?

  • What technology offers best price to efficiency ratio? DLP, SLA, FDM…

  • What maintenance should I expect and can it be done by an assitant ?

  • What size tray and printing speed are needed ?

  • Is it better to have a big printer or several smaller ones ?

  • Are the equipment and materials used safe for me and my team? Should I take specific precautions ?

  • What precision levels are required to get best results ?

  • What materials should I use to print robust molds? What is true cost of materials ?

  • What are true costs including maintenance, wear and tear, materials, spare parts ?

  • Can the printer be used by non technical team members ?

  • What post-processing treatments of molds are required? What equipment do I need ?

  • Do I need specific equipment or can I use my existing thermoforming machine do the job ?

  • How many do I need to be efficient ?

  • What thermoforming sheets should I use? How much do they cost ?

  • How do I organise my process to match thermoforming output with output of molds from the printer ?

  • What can be done to minimise post processing ?

  • What needs to be done, what skills are required and who should do it ?

  • What tools do I need and how long does it take ?

  • How do I train a non specialist to perform postprocessing with consistent quality ?

  • Can part or all of the process be automated ?

  • What frequency should I see my patients and how many aligners do I give him at each appointment ?

  • How do I deliver the aligners ?

  • At what speed can the aligners be ready ?

  • How can packaging make a difference ?

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