Advantages of In-Office

Give you full control of your treatments at the right cost

Orthodontic treatments with transparent aligners are increasingly requested by your patients, whether they are adults or adolescents.

However, the current outsourced manufacturing process lacks flexibility, is expensive and is not rewarding for an orthodontist

iNOFFICE production of aligners is guarantee of quality for your patients and of independence for your practice.

The internalization of the production process improves the efficiency and speed of aligner treatments. It also smooths the cost of production as the treatment progresses, increasing the acceptance rate of your patients.

ORTHOiN3D supports you in setting up a design and manufacturing process for iNOFFICE aligners, optimized for your practice and your team.


good reasons to take back control

  1. Price

    • No fixed rates: the cost of your treatment is proportional to the number of aligners used
    • No annual treatment target for commercial offers, treat with peace of mind
    • No obligation to purchase compatible and expensive equipment, take back your freedom of choice
    • Divide by 2 to 5 the price of your treatments
  2. Growth

    By reducing the cost of treatments with transparent aligners:

    • you increase the acceptance rate of adults. Your patients are freed from financial constraints
    • you improve your clinical productivity and increase your share of aligner treatment”
  3. Comfort

    Give all your patients access to treatment with transparent aligners, and improve the comfort for team of your practice

    Increase your therapeutic freedom by managing the chronology of dental movements

  4. Values

    Our solutions bring you a real alternative to no longer endorse the commoditization of the health of our patients, and the commercial abuses of our profession.

  5. Ecology

    Drastically reduce the carbon footprint of your aligner treatments:

    • By reducing the amount of aligners needed per treatment. Print them as you go and avoid multiple aligners printed, routed, and unused.
    • By printing locally and removing all air transport for your deliveries.

    Choose your packaging (paper, cardboard, etc.)

  6. Logistics

    • No more delays receiving and developing your digital set-ups
    • No more delivery time to factor into your treatments as you can print your aligners as needed, the same day

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OrthoiN3D specializes in the support of orthodontists in their strategy of setting up a design and production process of orthodontic aligners in-office.

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