OrthoiN3D has developed a step by step design and production process of In-office aligners optimized for your practice and your team.

We bring you independence, efficiency, peace of mind and reduced costs

Solutions that fit your needs

OrthoiN3d has implemented an optimized, step-by-step aligner design and production process that is easy to follow for your team. OrthoiN3d has an offer adapted to all production volumes and can adapt them to the specific requirements of your practice.

Selection of equipment

OrthoiN3d tests and selects for you the software, hardware and materials needed for the best productivity based on your requirements.
Suppliers focus on their products. Our goal is to provide you with the easiest and most economical way to produce orthodontic aligners.

Team formation

OrthoiN3d trains and monitors your team, to master the process and equipment necessary for the production of your aligners.
We can also train you to use your treatment planning software.
Our goal is to allow you to focus on your patients and chair time.


We provide a support line specialised in aligner production, available to orthodontists, lab technicians and assistants so the orthodontist can focus on patients, not troubleshooting.
We are your single point of contact for the production of your aligners

Marketing and communication

OrthoiN3d provides marketing tools that put the spotlight on the your practice to demonstrate to your patients your knowhow and why it makes a difference.

Peace of mind guarantee

In the event anything goes wrong and you need assistance, we can produce and deliver your aligners. Order them directly from your InPlan software, at a price of 7 € / aligners

Stay in touch!

OrthoiN3D specializes in the support of orthodontists in their strategy of setting up a design and production process of orthodontic aligners in-office.

Leave us a message if you want more information.

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