Orthodontics by aligners

Benefits for your


  • Transparency

    The aligners are almost invisible; changed every 15 days or less, they are always remain transparent

  • Comfort

    The aligners are removable; patients remove them to eat, for example; Treatment acceptance is much higher

  • Hygiene

    The aligners are removable; patients remove them to brush their teeth. It has been shown that there is much less tooth decay in patients receiving treatment by aligners


Benefits for

  1. Less emergencies

    No disbonding, no brackets to deal with, no injuries, no wires ...

  2. Less time-consuming and tiring acts

    Your time is optimzed

  3. Respond to your patients' demands

    The demand of our patients for transparent treatments is constantly growing

  4. Better mouth hygiene

    All dental surfaces of your patients can be brushed

  5. Shorter appointments

    Optimize your clinical time

  6. More frequent and gentler activation

    Distribute the forces applied to the teeth of your patients, for their comfort and serenity

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OrthoiN3D specializes in the support of orthodontists in their strategy of setting up a design and production process of orthodontic aligners in-office.

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