Webinar ORTHOin3D

Do you want to become independent in the design & manufacturing of your aligners and optimize the production in-office ?

👉 Participate on Thursday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the ORTHOin3D webinar With Dr Brice SAVARD CEO & Dr Pierre LECLERCQ  Medical Director and discover the solutions iNPLAN & iNLase proposed to support you !

iNPLAN is the first SAAS software designed to optimize the management of your iN OFFICE aligner production.

iNPLAN was designed to OPTIMIZE and FLUIDIFY the production chain. It is the nerve center for peaceful production of your in-office aligners.

iNPLAN is 100% online SaaS software.

iNPLAN presents many revolutionary features in the aligner production chain within your practice.

iNLase automatically cuts your aligners in less than 20 seconds. It’s suitable with major set up softwares.

iNLase is controlled by our iNPLAN software which allows the semi-automatic tracing of the cutting line on all of your models and the preparation of the base allowing the positioning of your printed models on the iNLase.

iNLase allows orthodontists to unlock their potential for producing aligners, within their practice, thanks to the little human time it requires.
Thanks to its characteristics, it is fast, reliable, reproducible, and precisely cuts your aligners.


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